Information About Us

Hi, I’m Alyissia and I would like to start with a ‘Thank You‘ for taking the time to visit our website and read about our party services. 

I have 2 children and absolutely loved planing my children’s birthday parties. It’s a lot of work, running around, and time, but I just love creating over top exciting fun parties with all the little details that make a party come to life! 

I love it so much that I wanted to start a party business, but not just a party planning business. I wanted to have a fresh concept. I wanted to offer parents parties that are stress free with all the details taken care of for them. I wanted the parents to be able to enjoy celebrating with their children while creating life long memories. I wanted  it to be super fun and over the top that everyone at the party would never forget it. I wanted the parties to be affordable and most of all make the child’s birthday so special and amazing. I wanted to create a perfect complete party!  

Boom there it is, All In One Party Fun was created! The services I have created are a combination of a party planner and a party rental company, making it a complete party that you rent.

We Specialize in Spa, teepee, picnic, and slumber parties. 

All our parties include; delivery, custom invites, the party set up, balloons, the products, supplies, and activities for the party, speciality donuts or mini cupcakes, themed loot bags, clean up, and pick up of the party set up.

Our parties are also customizable to suit your wants and needs.

There are so many great aspects to our rent a party concept. You can have your party set up for as long or as short as you need as your not on company time (especially when children show up late, you’re not pressured to start without them). You can have as little or as many guests as you like (with no minimum number of guests required in order to have your party). You get to set the schedule. 

The party is delivered to you and set up. You then have 24 hours to party with it, or if you prefer, we’ll be back anytime before the 24 hours to pick it up.

When it comes to the spa parties, moms grab your friends or family members and do the services for the children. Such a fun way to bond with the children and get to know your childs friends. If some parents stay at the party they can join in as well. It’s a fantastic way to get to know each other.

Another option is for the children to dive in and have tonnes of fun doing the services themselves, or to each other! What little ones don’t love to do spa treatments with their friends. 

After all the party is all about having tons of fun with your friends. 

The setups are so exciting, the activities are a ton of fun. Everything is taken care of for you. The options are endless and all at a cost that doesn’t break your bank!!!

Interested in more information, please contact us!