Spa Parties

Please scroll below to see examples of Spa Party set ups and what’s included. (Parties can be customized.)

Spa Table Set Up in Pink
Spa Unicorn Moon Chair Set Up
Spa Zebra Moon Chair Set Up
Spa Table Set Up in Gold
Spa White Butterfly Chair Set Up
Custom Invite
Custom Donuts (included)
Loot Bag
(flip flops/slippers, nail file, nail buffer, nail polish, and bath salts the children make)

We take hygiene very seriously. We clean, sanitize, sterilize, and launder everything top to bottom, before and after every party. Nothing is shared and all of our spa services use disposable applicators.

Our Spa Parties include:
Custom invites, spa set up of your choice, set up (chairs, tables, fluffy carpets, hair & make-up chair, small table, standing mirror, robe rack, bowls, stacking bins), products for all the services, linens, (robes, headbands, hand towels, and face cloth’s) decorations, (balloons and flower garland), craft, and Loot Bags for all the guests. (See full details below.)

We specialize in children, tween, and teen Spa Parties, we just modify services and set ups to accommodate each age groups.

We come to your location to set up and take down your luxurious Spa party.

You can choose between our Spa chair set up, or Spa table set up

If you choose the Spa chair set up you have your choice of:

  1. Chairs (zebra moon chairs, unicorn moon chairs, or white butterfly chairs), 
  2. Fluffy Carpets (white, pink, or purple), 
  3. Towels (select colours),
  4. Robes (white), 
  5. Robe Stand with Hangers (white), 
  6. Spa headbands (select colours), 
  7. Face cloth’s (select colours), 
  8. Face cloth bowl (select colours), 
  9. Chair (for hair and make-up)
  10. Table (for hair and make-up) 
  11. Standing Mirror (white), 
  12. Stacking Bins (pink), 
  13. Balloons (select colours). 

If you choose our Spa Table Set Up, you have the choice of: 

  1. Table (high or low standing),
  2. Table cloth (white),
  3. Chairs (or pillows for sitting in place of chairs),
  4. Towels (select colours),
  5. Place Mats (select styles),
  6. Table mirrors (select colours),
  7. Face cloth’s (select colours), 
  8. Face cloth bowl (select colours), 
  9. Robes (white), 
  10. Robe Stand with Hangers (white), 
  11. Spa headbands (select colours), 
  12. Chair (for hair and make-up),
  13. White fluffy carpet,
  14. Table (for hair and make-up), 
  15. Standing Mirror (white), 
  16. Balloons (select colours),
  17. Flower Garland.


Children make bath-salts (Epsom salt, baking soda, and food colouring) AND do a dance called the ‘Pop and Shake’ that mixes the bath-salts that turn the colour of their choice.

Services included:

Mani, pedi, facial, hair, make-up. 

Products included:

  1. Nail Polish (select colours),
  2. Nail Polish Remover,
  3. Nail File,
  4. Nail Buffer, 
  5. Rubbing alcohol (for wiping nails down),
  6. Cotton pads, 
  7. Facial cream in jars with facial brushes to apply cream,
  8. Make-up (lip gloss, glitter eye shadow),
  9. Hair (elastics, bobby pins, flowers, root glitter gel, and spray on fun fashion colour for highlights). 

Interested in more information, please contact us!